Table Tennis Coaching in Gurgaon

Established in the year 2006, Ping Pong Academy is a full time table tennis academy based at Sector 15 Gurugram to impart the highest level of Table Tennis Coaching. Ping Pong Academy is the home to many such great Table Tennis Champions. Ping Pong Academy has succeeded in creating ground level to elite level players with our multilevel coaching system. Ping Pong Academy’s players learn self discipline, develop socially, cultivate team spirit and improve their fitness in addition to reaping the core benefits of playing Table Tennis

Special features of Ping Pong Academy

  • Experienced Coaches.
  • Specialized Coaching.
  • Flexi Timings to suit convenience of members.
  • Frequent tournament exposure.
  • Competency mapping.
  • Large & Spacious Ambiance.
  • Fitness Regime.
  • Friendly Culture.
  • Variety Players – Beginners to Rank holder.


Individualized training sessions led and conducted by our Technical Academy Staff. Players will have individual special one-on-one coaching, multi-ball sessions and technique enhancement sessions.

Quarterly evaluation of player's progress. Every quarter a complete evaluation of players' game, techniques, Physical & Mental fitness and performance will be conducted and accordingly plan for next quarter will be designed.

Sports specific Fitness training and Physiotherapy: Table tennis is the fastest ball game on which physical training is an important part of any sports routine and different fitness schedules are designed to develop speed, strength, reflexes and endurance in particular to the game of Table Tennis.

Mental Fitness: It is the mind that sets the body in motion. This is why the fitness of the mind is the key to player's mental performance and inner strength which determines their perseverance and power of endurance. As Table Tennis demands more concentration, we focus on developing concentration by means of meditation and related exercises.

Table Tennis Coaching in Gurgaon

Sports Psychologic workshops: we plan to have psychological counselling sessions with players to improve focus, grow confidence, instill a healthy belief system and identify irrational thoughts

Sports Nutritionist guidance: Optimal nutrition ensures the best platform for sporting success. We will provide sport nutrition experts to optimize performance and recovery within a framework that also promotes long-term health and helps to achieve players' goals.

Video Analysis: Video counseling helps to identify and rectify mistake usually done by players themselves individually.